Besides the MFMS, the barge is equipped with an integrated inflow-outflow system, allowing us to reconcile every delivery.  Data are captured continuously from MFMS during operation and are reconciled against the barge stocks retrieved from autogauging Systems, providing a real time, more transparent measurement process and maximizing the level of quantity assurance. 


In regards to delivery by vehicle, we operate a fleet of vehicles, owned & subcontracted, dedicated to marine deliveries. All vehicles are equipped with GPS and Sealed Parcel Delivery System (E-Sealing), which ensure the integrity and transparency of delivery. Tank Lorry manholes, bottom valves and API valves are equipped with electronic seals to record any operation and trigger alarms whenever needed 

The e-sealing system ensures:

  • Cargo control in terms of quantity and quality, reducing customer disputes.
  • Mitigation of HSSE exposure; no need to access the top of the tanker in order to verify existence of fuel.
  • Reduced atmospheric VOC emissions due to minimum opening of manholes.


We have introduced a web based platform where customers monitor the deliveries to their vessels in real time. E-Vessel is a revolutionary system which retrieves and displays data from Mass Flow Measurement System, ATG, Motor Valves, CCTV and SAP. Thus, customers are able to monitor the process of their delivery in real time.

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