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Our advanced infrastructure, extensive logistics network and key partnerships enable us to offer a full range of marine products. To further reinforce this we have already established a solid supply network with key refiners including the Motor Oil Hellas refinery - parent company of Coral.

Committed to providing differentiated solutions, we are the first to have introduced RMK500 & RMK700 at the port of Piraeus. Through our integrated supply chain, we are in a position to explore the supply of any marine product that can be of commercial interest now and in the future.

Coral owns and operates a fully versatile storage facility in Perama with total capacity of 120.000 m3, 50.000 m3 of which are allocated exclusively for marine fuels, making this terminal the largest marine fuel terminal in the Eastern Mediterranean Area. The terminal has direct access to the sea, located in a radius of less than 200m from PCT and OLP docks. We have developed flexibility in order to adapt to changing conditions; the nature of the market requires a long term approach. Coral Marine will comply with the 2020 0,5% Sulphur Cap, and will be in position to offer a full range of products for different needs.

All of our bunker deliveries are made by a state-of-the-art barge (Cptn Kostas IMO 9555204, built in 2010), which is owned by Coral Marine. The barge has carrying capacity of 6800MT, segregated in 12 cargo tanks, equipped with Boiler for heating FO up to 65o C.

This vessel has been vetted in compliance with international standards and subjected to extensive modifications, in order to achieve increased pumping rates of up to 800 MT per hour. 

We are among the first fuel suppliers world-wide to operate a barge – and any new barge to be added to our fleet – with Mass Flow Meter Systems for both HFO & MGO, in compliance with the requirements of directive 2014/32/EU D+B. Our MFM systems are sealed and are periodically verified in order to provide our customers maximum level of quantity assurance. Furthermore, high pumping rates - 800 MT per hour, along with MFMS, assist to significantly reduce the duration of bunkering operation and supply large bunker stems—even to container vessels on a short stay—without jeopardizing their normal course of their operations. 

Taking into consideration how vital the quality of fuel is to the shipping business, Coral has been operating, an in-house laboratory. This laboratory specializes in testing the quality of traded petroleum & lubricant products according to their respective standards, and is staffed by experienced chemists who use state-of-the-art scientific apparatus. Extensive tests are conducted during the receipt, storage, handling and delivery process of all products, certifying that they all meet ISO 8217 requirements. We strictly adhere to all specified parameters and we prevent any deviation from ISO 8217 limits by being proactive. 

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